Craig H, Texas
"It (7.62x54r NO-GO Gauge) arrived within 5 days of my ordering and it was probably the best $26 I've ever spent. I have become a mosin nagant collector. I own 4 mosins and a carbine and everyone has passed the no-go gauge. The two I have fired so far are perfect. I will tell any other mosin owners/collector I come across about your products."

Greg R. California
"Just wanted to pass along my appreciation for the crazy fast shipping; and to acknowledge the obvious attention to detail! Definitely a quality product and outstanding quality control. Hats off to you Todd!"

Dave C. Pennsylvania
"I received my 7.62X54R gauges today. I have a Mosin Nagant 91/30 I recently purchased. I've been holding off on shooting it due to my concern with bolt headspace. With your gauges, and within minutes, I was able to easily check the headspace. Thanks to your product I can take my Mosin to the range without any major safety concerns. I would recommend your product to all shooters and firearms collectors. Thanks."

John C, California
"Outstanding service and dedication . I purchased a set of head space gauges to test a problem with my newly purchased Mosin Nagant Rifle and came up with a problem none of the gauges would chamber. I Emailed Todd @ Okie gauges with some questions expecting an answer within a couple of days about 20 minutes later on a Saturday night 7:00 PST 9:00 Okie time I received a call from the man himself. He asked me several questions regarding the weapon and the type of ammo I was using and educated me about Mosin Nagants and how bullet proof they are in tolerance. I own several milsurp rifles but this my first Mosin Nagant a gift to my son on his 21 birthday.Once again thanks , those of us that appreciate weapons old and new are a kind of a family at least in spirit or interest and I am impressed by Todd and his company. Maybe California and Oklahoma aren't that far apart except in customer service. Thanks J.C.

Charles K, Texas
" I received the headspace gauges last week. You have an excellent quality product, and I very much appreciated the fact that your gauges do not require removal of the extractor. Both my rifles passed the no-go test and I'm excited to see what they can do on the range. Thanks for the personal attention and excellent customer service. Its a hard thing to find these days..."

Keith H, Texas
"Hi Todd! I received my headspace gauge on Friday. All four of my Mosin Nagant rifles passed easily. I am very satisfied with your product and will probably purchase a few more gauges in the future. Thanks!"

David K. West Virginia
"Received my head space gauge this evening. Spent less then five minutes checking my 4 rifles. All passed. I have five mosin nagants,
the first one i used a gunsmith to check. $35. By purchasing your gauge i just saved $114. Thanks for a good product."

Steve M. California
"Hi Todd, Want to thank you for taking care of me. I was really excited to come home and see the gauges were there yesterday! Loved your product quick and simple and great quality of work. My Mosin Nagant 91/30 passed all 3 tests perfectly. I cant wait to get it out to the range and have some fun now that I know its safe and within spec. Peace of mind is something you can't put a price on, but in this case it was $55 and well worth it! We got some shows coming up out here in California and will be taking my gauges to the shows. Thanks again!"

Steve W. California
"Thank you for the great and easy to use gauges. I recently had a customer drop off a Mosin to me with bolt problems, and I wanted
to check the headspacing of course. Trouble is most gauges require the extractor to be removed first. Have you ever seen the back of the bolt
heads from most of these old Mosin-Nagants? Most have been machined so not even the dovetail is visible to try to remove the extractor. Your
gauges arrived very fast and worked fantastic! In a few short minutes I was finished with the procedure. Thanks for a simple, and easy
fitting product!"

Mark L. Michigan
"Todd I recieved the headspace guages yesterday. I've checked out both my Mosins with them and they are good to go. Thank you for shipping them in a quick and timely manner. I will definitely recommend the Okie brand to anyone looking for headspace guages."

Kevin K. Texas
"I recently ordered a set of Okie Headspace Gauges, and wanted to leave y'all with my $.02 regarding them. I've been interested in these gauges since I first saw them posted on another firearms forum a couple years back. I finally decided to go ahead and place an order.

Okie Headspace Gauges is a small business out of Ponca City, OK. They make headspace gauges for rimmed cartridges (7.62x54R, .303 Enfield/30-40 Krag, 8x56R Mannlicher, 8mm Lebel, etc). One thing that sets them apart from most other headspace gauges for rimmed cartridges (that I've encountered, anyway) is that you don't have to tear down the bolt and remove the extractor first. Just pop 'em in and gently see if the bolt will close! This aspect makes them ideal for taking to gun shows.

A lot of times, small businesses (even more so in the firearms world, it seems) either have great customer service, or they don't -- there's very few in the middle. My experience with Okie has been exceptional. I placed my order via their website -- -- on Sunday 05/02 in the mid-afternoon. I received a reply from a human less than 3 hours later. We exchanged a couple of conversational emails about how I came across them, etc, and he asked that I let him know when the gauges arrived. Shipping was very prompt -- I received the gauges today, 05/05.

The gauges were shipped in a white paper envelope via first class mail, stamped "Fragile" and "Do Not Bend". Amazingly enough, it appears our USPS actually paid attention to those stamps, because there wasn't so much as a bent corner on the envelope (now if they would only do that for brown cardboard boxes that are 54"x7"x3.5" ). The gauges were in individual bags and stapled on an instruction sheet, each with the type printed next to them (GO, NO-GO, and FIELD).

The gauges are manually made from 4140 steel. They are nicely finished in the white with no tool marks or other blemishes. They are shipped lightly oiled to protect them. Each gauge has a dimple to easily identify which gauge is which (1 dimple - GO; 2 dimples - NO-GO; 3 dimples - FIELD).

I purchased the 7.62x54R set and tried them out in a known-good M44 and an unknown 91/30. They worked very well, and both rifles passed (whew!). Fortunately, I don't have a known-bad to test on!

Based on my limited use, I have to say that Okie Headspace Gauges are a high-quality product, with great customer service, made by a firearms enthusiast here in the US, for a very reasonable price. That's a tough combination to beat!"

Dustin B. North Carolina
"The headspace gauge shipped really fast! It worked great and was very easy to use. I will recommend your gauges to other Mosin shooters in the future!"

Kevin W, West Virginia
"I received the gauges yesterday, and they worked like a dream. I was able to repair my MN 91/30 and safely get it back in service in under 30 minutes! I was also able to verify that my rifle's action is pretty tight, as I did not need to use the field gauge since it easily passed the no-go test. Thanks for offering a quality product at a very competitive price!"

Greg S, Ohio
"Received the gauges the other day. Excellent product! Soooooo much nicer not having to remove extractors and firing pins. Thanks! Recommending you guys to everyone I know. "

Michael K, Virginia
"I received the gauge today and it works great. I am a very satisfied customer and I thank you for your product and service!"

Brian P, Colorado
"Received the gauges and they worked great. I checked the space on my Mosins in just a couple minutes - easy as pie. Now I have to get them to the range! Thanks for quick shipping and great product."

Gari K, Michigan
"Received my set of 7.62x54R gauges today, and , within five minutes, affirmed that the head space in my 1942 Finnish M-39 was safe within limits. Thanks for the quick delivery, and a great product."

Tommy R, Florida
"Folks, I ordered these two gauges, a NO-GO and FIELD on Monday...I received them on Thursday! about speedy service! As a licensed USCG Marine Engineer, I can appreciate quality machining, and thats what Todd has done here. Also, as a part time gunsmith for Samco Global in Miami, these will expedite the time efficiency for me to check head space on the pallets of Mosins there. Do your self a favor, give Todd a call or order on his web page. You won't be dissapointed. Great job Todd!"

Ronny H, Arkansas
"Received my gauges very quickly. Have used them on all my mosins, very easy to use! Thanks for this product, it saved me a lot of headaches!"

John M, Illinois
"Great tools at a fair price, and fast delivery."

Leon G, North Carolina
"Just received my Okie headspace gauge set and checked out my collection of Finn's. I am quite pleased. The instruction sheet is clear, and literate. The field gauge will accompany me at the next gunshow, or anytime I do the rounds of the local pawn/gun stores. An Okie headspace gauge set is inexpensive insurance for the Mosin Nagant shooter."

Chuck H, Ohio
"Wow, got mine today!! 3 days after paying for it. Flawless work and the instructions with them are really "idiot proof". Thanks."

James B, New York
"Great gauge, none better, it took me seconds to check my Mosins headspace without having to remove the extractor, very good quality construction, excellent instruction sheet."

Bill, California
"Great gauges, and the service and shipping is tremendous."

Mike P, Pennsylvania
"The gauge is a well-made, easy-to-use, piece. A great companion to a borelight when going to a gunshow. Great customer service, also. Thanks."

Ed K, Pennsylvania
"My wife is a former inspector for Westinghouse's Naval Nuclear Reactor program. She approves of the quality of your work so a big thumbs up!"

Jeff B, Ohio
"Very simple to use and high quality product. I will recommend your gauges to anyone interested in headspace gauges for the Mosin Nagant."

John K, Florida
"This is a very well made gauge. I highly recommend it to any one!"

Robert H, Texas
"Was impressed at the ease of use with this gauge!"

Allen, Texas
"I recieved my guages, fellows, these are super and work real easy. Don't think you could find anything better for the money."

Ken, Iowa
"I bought a 7.62x54r field gauge and it's great! Nice instruction sheet and super easy to use. There's no need to disassemble the bolt or anything special, just place the gauge on the bolt face and try to close. I highly recommend these."



Dan F, Wisconsin

Dan is a professional gunsmith, and he helped out with the early testing of our 7.62x54r gauges. Here is his report:

"I tested them (the gauges) 3 times each x 3days, measuring them with both mics before and after. The measurements stayed the same throughout the test.

Initial (and final) measurements:
My Clymer NO GO: .0725" GO: .0640" NO GO: .0725" Field: .0755"

I numbered the NO GO loaners 1-6.

1: .0725" 2: .0725" 3: .0725" 4: .0725" 5: .0725" 6: .0725"

Since the results were identical all three days, I'll only list them once here:

P=Pass F=Fail

CLY GO NOGO FLD 1 2 3 4 5 6
1897 Tula M91: F P P¹ P¹ P¹ P¹ P¹ P¹ P¹ P¹

1899 Izh. M91 P P P P P P P P P P

1916 Sest.M91 P P P P P P P P P P

1930 Tula9130 P P P P P P P P P P

1938 Tula9130 P² P P² P² P² P² P² P² P² P²

1942 Izh. M38 P P P P P P P P P P

1952 Pol. M44 P p P P P P P P P P

1954 Chi. T53 P P P P P P P P P P

1955 Rom. M44 F F F P³ F F F F F F

Final measurements were the same as initial measurements, solid as a rock!


¹. 1897 Tula barely passes NO GO. This rifle failed my Clymer and another belonging to a friend.

². 1938 Tula (FrankenTula™) barely passes NO GO.

³. 1955 Romanian M44 barely passes FIELD. It also failed both of our Clymer NO GO's. Ironically, a friend and I shot it today at the range, and it was fine."


The "loaners" Dan tested went on to be used in an extensive rental program. Literally hundreds of rifles all across the country were tested with these 6 gauges. More use and abuse was dealt to these gauges in a few months than the average owner could in a lifetime. The gauges were inspected each time they were returned, prior to being loaned out again. ZERO change in the form, fit or function of the gauges could be found from the initial test results. had this to say:

"We were given the No-Go gauge to test and test it we did. We used this gauge to test over thirty rifles. We tested the gauge in the following models 91/30 , M38, 91/59, M91, M27 and the M39 The gauge was very easy to use requiring no disassembly of the bolt, simply align the notch with the bolt extractor and close the bolt. This simple operation makes the gauge great for beginning and experienced collectors alike. I would recommend the Okie headspace gauge to anyone who is interested in checking for proper headspace on the Mosin Nagant line of rifles. "


Ron J, Wisconsin

Ron generously agreed to help test our new .303 Enfield gauges. He was sent a set of prototypes and here is what he had to say

"(I) Tested all 3 twice starting with the go, no-go then field. I tested again today testing 4 times, same sequence. No change throughout testing.

Test Rifle is a no.1 MK III dated 1911.


No-Go= Just barely passed... would fully close with just a touch more pressure. This did not change throughout testing

FIELD= PASS.. Bolt had about 40% travel left.

I must say, These were easy to drop on the bolt & close. They snugged up around the extractor very nicely & stayed there...

Great job!!!

Of course now that I know my No. 1 passed it's time for a trip to the range!!"