Okie Headspace Gauges is a small operation located in North Central Oklahoma. Being centrally located allows us quicker response times to all parts of the US. Getting our gauges into your hands quickly is a matter of personal pride. We don't adhere to a manufacturing schedule that restricts us to making gauges only on certain days. We maintain sufficient inventory on hand to fill orders in a timely manner. Many times we are able to package and ship the same day. Having a small overhead allows us to keep prices low and quality high. Our gauges are made 100% on manual machine equipment, and are handled and checked several times throughout the manufacturing process by just one person. Automated machines are expensive to buy and operate, and that just adds to the cost of the finished product.

Starting with cold rolled 4140 steel our gauge blanks are lathe-turned and cut before being flame hardened and precision surface ground for accuracy. Finally we add our identifying "dimples" to the face of each gauge to make telling them apart easier. Regardless of the caliber of gauge the same marking system is used, one dimple for GO, two for NO-GO and three for FIELD. We make it easy for you to ensure that the right gauge is being used to check your rifle. Once completed our gauges are delivered to you by the US Postal service. Due to their small size a complete set of 3 falls within the limits of a first class letter. This translates into a substantial savings as we don't charge "shipping and handling" like many companies do. You have already paid for the product, why should you pay an extra 8 bucks just to get it to you?


Thank you for choosing Okie Headspace Gauges, we really appreciate your business!